Arrived at Jiji’s place!

March 26, 2009

ポトラーメン道 (The Way of the Pot Noodle)

Joe immediately gets stuck into the Japanese Way

Jiji (Japanese Grandad) get rare opportunity to be with Joe so this is a very special time for them both.

Japan: 02:30

We landed at Narita at about 7pm Japan time (my hands are freezing at the moment and I am finding it hard to type. I am also struggling with the Japanese keyboard layout which I have forgotten  how to use ). It was then a further 5 hours of trains and automobiles until we arrived at my Father-in-law’s place.

I have taken some photos, but I need to set up my laptop to get the pics up onto the blog. We have left all our luggage  in the hands of the couriers at Narita airport and they won’t arrive for another day and a half. I will continue to take pics and will post them asap – hopefully no later than Friday.




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